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Confined Space Entry

Confined Space Entry

Confined spaces pose some of the most dangerous hazards for workers who must enter and work in them. Work associated with confined space entries has some of the highest rates of injuries and fatalities across all work sectors. Hazards associated with confined spaces not only threaten confined space entry workers but also emergency rescue workers responding to an accident. Confined Space tragedies too often share a common theme; a worker is in trouble, a co-worker instinctively enters to assist and both of them end up paying with their lives. Local 1089 is committed to protecting its members against these types of dangerous situations by providing Confined Space Entry Hazard Recognition Training at our local training centre.

The amendments in 2006 to the Confined Space Regulations have expanded the duties of employers to protect workers from the hazards associated with confined spaces. Comprehensive training is an important component required by the regulations. Under the new regulations the employer shall ensure that every worker who enters a confined space or who performs related work receives adequate training to perform the work safely.

This confined space program will discuss the regulations and related issues that impact on the recognition, assessment, and control of confined space hazards. It will also spell out the confined space safe entry procedures. These are considered essential if injuries, illnesses, and fatalities are to be eliminated during confined space work activities.